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April - August 2017

1 April 2017

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Q.: I have read with interest and with some worry that my neighbour can build another floor. Surely the 20% building density increase cannot apply for an added floor.
Mark Philips

A.: It applies only if the local planning zone allows the added floor i.e. it is permitted 2 floors and the neighbour built only one.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I intend to send a letter to the local Planning Authority objecting for any allowance to be given to my neighbours, which will cause my reduction in privacy.
Nic & Tereza

A.: No harm done to do it dear readers. Send a copy of your title/sales contract and the site plan showing where your property is. If successful, please let me know so that we can inform other readers as well (I doubt the outcome mind you).
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I have heard about a certain local bush locally known in Cyprus as “aorati” which are low lying having approximately 1 meter height, green in all season and required little water. We are thinking of using them in our garden to keep it green on the one hand, yet not blocking our views and having no borehole water it helps.
Pieris Panos

A.: You are correct in your description. These sort of forest bushes are found mainly in the Famagusta region. I have checked with our own gardener who agrees with your information. These sort of bushes can be bought from nurseries. I will be planting 6 plants in a small patch we have in the garden. My main worry is if snakes etc habitate underneath since it is difficult to see what is happening underneath.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We have two homes Mr Loizou. One near the seaside and another in Nicosia. We planted Cypress trees in both and at the same time. The seaside ones are now 8 mts. height and with a 2 meters in diameter (with the branches) and the Nicosia one has reached around 4 mts. and within 1 meter radius. The reason please?
Nicos Levil

A.: Regrettably this is how it goes. The seaside areas with the milder weather and the humidity seem to help the trees grow. You must examine also the soil quality of your Nicosia house if it is rocky etc (if it is you will not see your trees grow I am afraid). Rocky and shallow soil grounds are difficult to accept trees ordinary and it is good that you have opted a forest tree. Of course, the best tree for the purpose is eucalyptus tree, but this causes all sorts of other problems (avoid it).
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We are considering of planting palm trees, yet we note that the palms have got some sort of a sickness causing them to die even after 30-40 years. Shall we venture in this?
Paschalis Moulenios

A.: Yes you are right. Opt for the wide leaf palm trees which do not have this sort of a problem. They are faster growing but do not produce fruit. There are also other types of palm trees, but it takes years to grow. If you opt for the wider leaf palm trees keep them away from the swimming pool because of blossoms.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Pork chop of a king size?
We have visited the Limassol coastal road in an ordinary pub/restaurant and while having our wine our neighbors were eating huge pork chops which I could not imagine (I took photos).
Radion Leman

A.:What can I say dear reader. You ask me in the Q+A column all sorts of unrelated to real estate matters, but I am learning myself through your own experience. My own butcher told me that there are no different sizes, but in certain occasions there is a tail to it which makes the chop look bigger. Some restaurants including this “tail” part and others do not.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I have read a report that in Pafos there are approximately 1.500 permanent residents of Chinese origin, but they have the complain that they are not allowed to work. Is this justifiable you think Mr Loizou?
H. Yung

A.: Holders of a permanent residency visas are not allowed to work (as opposed to those of Cyprus passports). I think that is correct when you compare the populations of the two countries. Now, there are as you say 1.500 and after a few years (who knows) 10.000? They are welcome of course but we must consider the local unemployed people, as well as the younger generation. If Chinese and others amount, say in10 years’ time 30.000 able workers (in Pafos), what will happen to the Pafos locals? Having said that I could entertain applicants of this nature if they want to do business here, which we do not have, including new innovative ideas/business of their own which could help Cyprus.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: There you were Mr Loizou at the Limassol old fishing port eating lobsters with a male friend of yours. I recognized your face from the Cyprus Weekly photo – I must say you look better in real life! I wanted to come and say hello, but I was embarrassed. Would you have been offended if I had the courage to introduce myself to you (you help me in several occasions).
Natalia (x)

A.: Many thanks for your comments Natalia and I say you made a mistake for not introducing yourself. I think I am an approachable person. Just as well you said “with a company of a male” since in this country (my wife in particular) would have been asking me all sorts of questions!!!
Regarding the lobster dish I was invited by my ex neighbor, a Lebanese, whom I entertained in our Nicosia home (used to live next door) and still remembers my sougla dish. He thought that with his invitation would pay off his debt (12 years ago mind you). Lobsters are lovely dish, but it is not for “thin” wallets. So to end this story, my partner in lunch came back to Cyprus living next to St. Raphael Marina with a house and boat and living there since he is retired. Nice to have friends of the past Natalia don’t you think?
A.P. Loizou

Q.: If one studies the website of the various developers, he can realize that most (per claim) of the expensive apartments have been sold, whereas the recently unveiled Limassol Marina extension reported within 10 days of launch that it sold a number of apartments amounting to €30 mil.
What on earth is happening in this country Mr Loizou?
George Fatal

A.: Difficult to say. It could be that we have undervalued our country which, despite its problems of all sorts, seems that it is “liked” by foreign people.
Sales prices for the multi storey apartment buildings on the beach area are now in the region of ±€15.000/sq.m. (i.e. 2bed units = €1.500.000) plus high common expenses and running cost to go. But then I will tell you a storey dear George. Two years ago a Russian lady commissioned as to carry out a valuation at the Larnaca beach front house. The property in our opinion was not worth more than €2.0 mil. and the asking price was €3.2 mil. She called me personally to discuss the difference. At the end, she told me “look I want this house. Last year I earned €3.0 mil. do you think that a difference of €1.2 mil. will make a difference for me”?
What could I say?
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I had a problem with my business (somebody of my employees “embezzled” money) and I have reported the case to the local police station. I gave a report on several occasions and whereas I expected the police to take some sort of action nothing happened after 5 months of waiting. What can I do Mr Loizou?
George (S)

A.: As we read in the press, the local/regional police stations are not up to standards (not all mind you). Send a letter describing the facts to the Attorney General who, I am sure (based on experience) he will take action by addressing your complain to the Chief of Police.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Every year I get a bill from the Municipality claiming that I have to pay €70 for cleaning my vacant plot from weeds etc. This year I cleaned the plot myself and I have taken photos of the plot. After 3 months the same bill came and I responded with the photos as I have had them 3 months ago and the plot was at the time of the notice as it was before.
It is not a matter of much money, but I wonder if the Municipality decided to just add another charge.
Nicos Ellian

A.: Write a letter to the Municipality with your photo evidence. I am sure it will cancel the charge since, I believe, some employee of this Municipality did not bother to inspect. For any problem come back to me.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I bought an apartment in Limassol with large glass panels. It is still under construction and I was wondering how these panels would be cleaned. I received the reply that the panels are “self cleaning”. What do you understand Mr Loizou by this statement?
Nic Nicolson

A.: There is no such “self cleaning” panels dear Nic. In countries that there is rain there are some sort of very expensive panels that seem to repel dust etc. Having said this with our country of approximately 30 days a year rain and with dust, there is not such a thing. Self cleaning in Cyprus seems to correspond that “it will clean when it rains”. Check if your apartment has the parameters to have the mechanical cleaning, otherwise you might have a problem.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Well, I note that we are going to have around 600.000 German tourists, the Russians are still coming especially with the church at Tamassos with Russian design, the British are also increasing as much as the others (Austrians etc). Total number of tourists expected approximately 3.5 mil. this year.
In a country with 800.000 people what will it happen to the locals in a few years’ time?
Costas Constantinides

A.: Lovely, I say dear Costas. Myconos has 1 mil. tourists with 15.000 locals (permanent), Crete with its 500.000 people with tourists around 2½ mil., Spain with 70 mil. people, has tourists of the same number. Tourism is the fuel of the Cypriot economy whereas there is an opportunity to establish more destinations. I have no problem with this and in fact, now that Cyprus Airways is dead and buried things will get better in terms of tourist numbers. What we might see is an increasing number of mix marriages, multicultural ethics and more understanding. Is this not what we are seeking worldwide?
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I have another question and hope I am not taking too much of your time.
Who do I contact with the following problem:

I own and am living in a flat in Limassol. The whole floor (2 flats) above me has been sold and the new owner has been breaking walls from 7 am to 7/8 pm every day joining 2 flats into one. He has brought in heay building equipment (Gangas) which make so much noise and the whole block shakes for days on end. The workmen are banging, drilling, constructing and reconstructing continuously. The problem is that the owner has given it to his son, an architect, and the son keeps changing his mind about the design and knocks everything down and starts again.
He has also changed the outside of his flat without permission from any of the other flat owners and it looks different. Have talked to him nicely and he doesn’t know when he will finish because he keeps changing his mind about the construction of the flat and he doesn’t care that he is disturbing all the residents. The noise is driving all flat owners crazy and especially me who lives just below with my sick mother and if it continues I am sure my flat will be damaged.
He doesn’t know and doesn’t care when he will finish. Its like a hobby for him.

Is this within the law that he can do what he wants without consulting the other flat residents, some of whom are old and sick.
Thanks for your time.
A.M. Neocleous

A.: For any alterations which affect the external appearance of the building he requires a permit from authorities and for which the majority of the residents must consent. Regarding the noise etc you can take a legal action against him (in most occasions an advocate’s letter brings results) and raise the question of carrying out works without a permit. This nuisance element and damage sought can take all sorts of shape – loss of rent, loss of value – psychological pressure etc etc. Report this to the Municipality and the Administrative Committee.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Dear Mr Antonis Loizou
Can you please help with the following boundary dispute.
I occupy a villa which is on an estate with six villas constructed in 2002.
Within weeks of moving in it became apparent that the some of the villas were not in the right location as shown on the sales contract. In fact they are about three metres to the West.
The incorrect build became a problem when title deeds were ready for issue as the last villa (mine) was slightly into the Green Area. However, the Land Registry decided it was not an issue and title deeds were issued. The title deed however shows what we should have got if the villas had been correctly sited, rather than the land we actually occupy.
This has never proved a problem and for fifteen years the residents have accepted we have “what we have” rather than what is shown in the title deeds.
However, one of the villas has recently been sold and this has now become a problem. As a result of the villas being wrongly located the front boundary wall is placed about three metres to the West, but at the rear of the garden the boundary wall of four metres long is positioned in its correct place where it should have been. This is due to the fact the end of the garden does not abut any other property.
The result is the two boundary walls do not meet. In the middle there is an overlap and not a straight line as shown in the title deeds between our two villas. This is proving a problem for the new neighbour.
The new owner now wants me to give up part of the rear of the garden preferring to use the front wall that was wrongly located and is fully into my garden. Natural I want to keep the bottom part of my garden. If the boundary wall is to be re-located it should be placed back to its correct position as shown in the title deeds and as submitted when building application was made.
Can you please advise, as what was fifteen years of peace has now broken up with these new neighbours who want nothing less than three metres of my garden, in addition to the three metres he has already taken of my driveway at the front of the house.
Can you confirm is there a surveyor who could check the location of my villa and boundary wall with regard to the details held by land registry and shown on my title deeds?
Yours respectfully,

A.: I cannot express an opinion as such for your letter above.
I suggest that you appoint an advocate to examine the situation.
Regarding a surveyor I suggest Messrs ……………. to examine the matter.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I noted on several occasions that you supported Andreas Christou – ex Mayor of Limassol. He lost. So what is your information on this failure Mr Loizou?
Haris Kikis

A.: He lost by ±6 votes dear Haris. Having said that the new Mayor Mr Nicolaides is quite good as well and so Limassol remains lucky in its choices.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I do not understand that we have a desalination plant at Pafos, we will demolish it and build a new one and in the meantime we need urgently drinking water. Is there any logic?
Nektarios Savva

A.: No, there is not my dear reader. But then we have legislation and this together with a strict Auditor General and an Attorney General to go this is what happens.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We are not Christians Orthodox Mr Loizou and we want to ask you if we can join the Easter celebrations.
Lilla & Hencken H.

A.: Of course, you can and you will be most welcomed (and not only for Easter mind you, any time). It reminds me when I was living in Newcastle (U.K.) and I wanted to go to the local church. I visited the Anglican church next door and I asked the priest the same question. Not only I was welcomed but invited to his house for lunch after. The Christian spirit prevails dear readers, this is what is all about “love your neighbor”.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Have you seen the Ayia Napa Marina brochure? What a gem for Cyprus and especially for the region.
A. Kelly

A.: Yes I have and I agree with you. A gem indeed dear Andrew. It is worth for the readers to have a look of its website even if not interested to buy. Sales prices are around ½ of those of Limassol, better project (Ayia Napa) but then it is Limassol which is ahead.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: What is happening Mr Loizou? We now have a Russian Radio, a Russian theme park and another Russian church (built by donation of a Russian businessman at western Nicosia). Are we being taken over?
Nicos Lalias

A.: Not at all and on the contrary these investments are most welcomed. The Russian (Nicosia) church which I have visited is a work of art, the theme park lovely for children’s parties and the radio, why not? The more facilities we have the happier the local/foreign residents and more tourists. Lovely I say.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Another driver from abroad drove the other day in the wrong lane and got killed regrettably. Is there some sort of information where drivers can be reminded that we drive on the “correct” side of the road?
Nicos Karsb

A.: I don’t think so, but even if we did, drivers by custom drive on the lane that they are used to. It happened to me while driving in Italy – I got so scared after near 2 misses that I refuse to drive on non “correct” lanes. The deaths for these reasons are especially terrible and unfortunate.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We bought a property Mr Loizou on a hill location and the developer told us it has fantastic views - which it did at the time we inspected the property and bought it. What he did not say was that the land downhill could be developed. It did got developed and now our fantastic view is no more.
Do you think we have a claim against the developer since evidently we bought the property with a view which is now (after 6 months of purchase) is no more.

A.:A difficult question to answer from a “distance”. In my opinion and as an initial reaction, is that, if the land downhill formed part of his own wider project he ought to have told you. If not, I do not think you have a case (unless he assured you otherwise at the time). Very difficult to make a claim stick even then I suspect.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We have a shop at Pafos which has a window where we place our adds etc facing onto a communal area. A coffee shop at the rear has now extended its tables etc placing them next to our shop window, thus, interrupting the free view and the circulation of passers by.
Our advocate told us that there is nothing we can do since this area is commonly used and not ours to permit him. We seek your advice Mr Loizou since we find that it is not correct.
(name withheld)

A.: First I suggest that you change your advocate.
Secondly and because, I agree with you, take out an injunction order for him not to use the common area, especially since it affects your business. This can be done easily especially if you have the support of the administrative committee. If he is still doing do it he may end up in prison.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We note the various events (panigiria) that take place in various villages for all sorts of occasions, where everybody is invited to attend. Excuse our ignorance but are these open invitations for a fee of some sort?
Mike Gazpron (Russian)

A.: My dear Mike, no you do not pay anything and especially villages are most eager to entertain foreign people in particular. Having read your surname and if you are related to the Gazpron group any contribution (not required) will not be a miss!!! All the best for our Easter.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We have a beach house at the Protaras ara south of Nausicaa Hotel. We are worried however if the seaside footpath extension might affect our property. We have visited Paralimni Municipality who informed us that there is no plan ready but the footpath will be extended in stages.
Nicos & Lenia

A.: A most odd situation and I am afraid that there is no some sort of a plan but the general route will change on spot. So no one is to know. It is one of those many occasions that we declare a planning scheme in Cyprus without knowing how the private owners will be affected.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We have a garage with a wooden roof. We have visitors of all sorts of birds with their droppings falling on our cars which contain acid damaging our car paint. Based on your experience is there something we can do?
Dimitris & Marinos
A.: Try to place spikes on the roof members which do not cost much and you can find them in any D.I.Y. establishment.
If this does not succeed use a chemical (name given) which you spray and it seems to work for a month or so (you have to keep doing it) suitable for trees as well. Try it and let me know.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I listened to a radio interview on the subject of non available hotel staff. Two Union members were attending who blamed the Hotel Association on the low income that the hotel employees get (quoted €800 p.m.) with no representation from the Hotels Association.
I ask you is this correct reporting on the crucial subject of tourism?
N. Caribas

A.: No it is not. The salary of €800 is just the basic and the lowest of the low. Head waiters, barmen, cooks/chef etc are on a minimum of €1.200-€3.000 p.m. This work it is seasonal mind you (for most hotels) and this is a problem.
Hotel staff “benefits” include in the benefit of free food, more importantly they have a point system depending on the hotel’s success which could increase the income by another 15%-20%, plus tips, etc. If seasonal employed they get unemployment benefits notwithstanding that they (and do) work somewhere else.
The fact is there however since no local staff are to be found. Certainly, foreign staff e.g. Greeks (the best waiters in Cyprus mainly comprising of seasonal university graduates/students) but since Greece itself is also experiencing a tourist boom they prefer to stay in their own country.
In addition there are several incentives given by the Government for the unemployed which cover almost 70% of the initial period of unemployment. It seems that hotel staff have no more the attraction they had before, in addition to the job being looked down and the exploitation by some hoteliers. A difficult situation all round since the summer season is on top of us and foreign workers is not a solution we are afraid.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I attended the children’s futsal games at Ayia Napa and notwithstanding the fact that I am not a football fun I watched 3 games. Lovely to watch young boys/girls competing in this most popular sport.
What a lovely idea for other Municipalities to follow. This small Municipality of Ayia Napa seems to have one up on the others.
S. Philios

A.: You are quite right with all sorts of innovative ideas to follow. This Municipality has introduced the unique sculpture park, the Cypriot flora park, the football games, the winter events, the new planned seaside footpath etc etc. A wealthy Municipality mind you in order to implement these, but we take our hut off to the Municipality and its innovative ideas. Limassol is still trying to come up with similar activities but no success so far.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Hope you can help solve this query.
I have started probate on my late husband's estate. I have been told I need to get a valuation on the property. This will cost.
Why is the Land and deed registry valuation not sufficient?
I am told that this valuation by a surveyor needs to accompany my papers in the court and tax office and it is not enough to go based on information from the lands office.
So does this mean that the Cyprus Lands people give inaccurate valuations?
Feeling confused

A.: The Lands Office valuation refers to the value as at 1.1.2013 and refers to a taxation assessment not necessarily related to the market value at the “date of death” (the statutory valuation date).
I don’t think the valuation cost will be considerable (depending on the properties involved).
Should you need my assistance I am here to help.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: On the one hand we go out of our way to attract foreign investors and based on your reports foreign investors in addition to houses etc, require properties with a return. The recent decision by this Government not to allow rental increases up to the end of 2017 is all wrong and contradictory. How can this happen is it not an antiphasis?
George Mouscos

A.: It is not as bad as you say dear George. This decision refers to what is known as statutory tenants, i.e. it refers to buildings completed prior to end year 2000 and for certain areas only. So, new buildings (after 2000) and for other areas, this does not apply.
On principle however I tend to agree with you since the statutory tenants’ law was introduced after the 1974 events which are now unrelated. This is politics I am afraid dear George since we are entering an election period and it seems that the economic parameters come second to sound investment practices.
A.P. Loizou


Cyprus & Siberia
Q.: We in Cyprus tend to think that we are the center of the world. It is good on the one hand to be proud of our country, but on the other hand we seem to lose our perspective on what Cyprus is all about. We claim that we have the best beaches, the best Mediterranean food, the most friendly people, the best tax and residential schemes for foreigners, no racism and very low crime rate etc etc.
This is all well dear Mr Loizou and ignoring of course our numerous failings and the curse of small politics, ignoring the political problem which we seem to place it under the carpet. We seem to blow our own horn so loud that we ignore that we are a small neighborhood in other larger countries. If we do not place our brains in our head and we live in the clouds, we are going to lose our direction.
In our recent visit in Romania we took a taxi and the driver, a most likeable chap, asked us where we are from. We told him Cyprus – where is it (?) he asked. We replied Cyprus – Ah, I understand you are from Siberia? We said yes in order to end the conversation. Alas he started speaking to us in Russian. Gold help us since prior to a reply we reached our destination.
This event impressed us so much that we wanted to share our experience and feelings with you and your readers.
Alex & Maria Mariou

A.: I wish I could be there within the taxi Alex. I could not stop laughing since I read your letter. It reminded me of the ex president of the republic Mr S. Kyprianou, who during a visit at a posh club in New York, he faced the doorman who asked him who he was. He replied “the President of Cyprus”. He was refused entrance since Cyprus in New York was a funerals firm and for which the doorman thought that he was not appropriate to enter.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I wonder Mr Loizou since we expect an “episode” with the Turkish Government, will not this affect the tourist industry and of course the investors interest whom we have targeted?
Nicos Kakos

A.: We seem to hide the problem under the carpet so far. If an episode happens either in Greece on here in Cyprus, it will be a disaster. A U.K. report reported that tourists are like sparrows and they go away with the slightest noise.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We want to invest in a banana plantation Mr Loizou, of an extent of 200.000 sq.mts. How can we achieve this since so far we have had no response even from you.
(name withheld)

A.: You have asked me 10 days ago and I am still searching. As I am informed the Church has no available land for the purpose and other private owners do not have such large holdings. It is difficult since banana plantations need water and a mild climate near the sea. You do appreciate the problem.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Have you seen the damaging report from Bloomberg Mr Loizou? What a load of rubbish.
Helena Cova

A.: Rubbish or not dear Helena the damage is done, but I am surprised by the inactiveness of the Government on the subject. The report targets yet again the Russian citizens I am afraid, for whom we, as Cyprus, have a soft spot.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Summer is coming Mr Loizou and we have followed your advice to place a ceiling fan on our patio. We are now worried that during winter what shall we do?
K/nos & Doris

A.: You have followed half of my advice dear readers. If the patio is covered no particular problem, but if it is not you must be able to disconnect and remove the fan. If not possible place a see-through cover plastic sheet on top of the patio and cover the fun with a plastic bag (your electrician should be able to advice you).
A.P. Loizou
Q.: With the hot weather coming we have flies coming in to our apartment. Is a flying screen an option?
Katerina C.

A.: Yes, it is the best option in combination with ceiling fans. Most aluminium frames can accommodate fly screens and the cost is not much (budget €30/window).
A.P. Loizou
Q.: I noted what you say about barking dogs and the recent court decision on the subject. What I am concerned is about noisy neighbors. Are there any court rulings on this subject, since our neighbors are driving us crazy.
(name withheld)

A.: Nuisance is a cause of taking legal action, but I do appreciate the cost and the difficulty to having to live next to the same neighbors later. I watched in the international TV channels a documentary for such cases in the U.K. The police was most efficient, visited the noisy neighbors and warned them – but then this is the U.K. (see a reader’s letter about Cyprus policy inefficiency by a comparison).
A.P. Loizou
Q.: I noted that some toy shops have self driving electric cars for children. Is this allowed in Cyprus since children of young age can get hurt. The parents cannot be everywhere and I should have thought this sort of toys should not be allowed.
Kostas Yiangou

A.: It is up to the parents to buy or not such toys. I tend to agree with you but if the shops have a license to import these there is nothing much that one can do. Irresponsible parents and grand parents are abundant I am afraid who exchange their piece of mind and love for the young ones with toys of such a nature. In the U.S. children can shoot air guns but they must be “under supervision|”. Can you believe this? How can a parent supervise a child of 10 years old shooting away from his bedroom window etc etc.
A.P. Loizou
Q.: We visit restaurants, hotels etc for our dinner regularly. We have opted not to visit those where the w.cs. are either at the basement or at the mezzanine level. With our age in mind, let alone those with disabilities, children etc etc. is there no law to place these at the ground floor level?
Philios Philippou (London Cypriot)

A.: I appreciate what you say and I share your views. W.cs. are not income producing I am afraid hence they are placed in the less “commercial” locations (and less easily accessible areas).
I am shocked myself to note that most restaurants abroad do not separate men and women w.cs. whereas others are placed in such places that one cannot use (my own experience). We are doing well by comparison dear reader but, yes, we need to address yours/mine concerns.
A.P. Loizou
No. 2842
Q.: We are these Irish Mr Loizou who seem to be everywhere in terms of managing business etc. I have noted that they are on top positions internationally. Is this due to their (Irish) education?
Nicolas Sandos

A.: A small country of 4.0 mil. people with a long history in all aspects, including literature, agriculture and business. This is the result, I think, of their persecution by the British occupation so that the Irish had to explore other avenues to live.
See “our own” Mr Hoorigan of the Bank of Cyprus who is doing a very good job. See also the troubled airline of the far east, which has employed an Irish manager to sort it out. See Ryan airways in addition.
I have visited on several occasions Ireland and I am very impressed by the country and its people, a nation for others to follow.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Any news on the V.A.T. (19%) on building plots Mr Loizou? We are London Cypriots and we wish to build a home by buying a building plot to build our retirement home. Obviously, an added cost of 19% on the sales price will affect our budget.
Sotiris+Spyridoulla Yiangou

A.: Nobody knows dear readers how the proposal will end up at this point of time. I understand it is not easy to do without this added tax. There are all sorts of complications and the House as well as the more knowledgeable auditors are trying to find a way to reduce the burden. No “white smoke” as yet and everybody is asking everybody else what will happen with those most worried, the Banks, who have a problem of disposal of their own assets.
If I was you dear readers I would expedite the decision because the tax it will happen in one way or another.
A.P. Loizou
Q.: We have a small patch of a garden and we have planted it with grass using seeds, ready made etc. No success. Maybe it is our quality of watering, the climate etc. What shall we do?
Zil Dilon

A.: If it is just a patch as you say forget the grass. Place a special soil we call here “pouri” which hardens and has limited needs. Watering the earth at intervals is one way to have a solid ground and at a low cost. I sympathize with your problem since on the one hand you see hotels etc with beautiful grass and others without. This alternative will cost you (100 sq.mts.) around €250 (with little maintenance), whereas the grass with proper installation will cost you €350 plus the maintenance cost. You can opt for the plastic grass looking option (cost approximately €400 for the good quality), but care is needed for its drainage and if domestic animals around could be a problem.
A.P. Loizou
Q.: I note in the Greek press articles of yours that you are encouraging Mayors of seaside areas to “upgrade” the seaside even without a permit. Don’t you think that you are encouraging an illegality?
Andros Xeniou

A.; Yes, maybe I am, but then if you read my article closely I refer to real examples how these beaches have been improved for the benefit of the bathers, the people and the Municipalities. The facts are here. From there on it is up to the Municipalities to take their decision and take on the so called greens and others.
A.P. Loizou

Well we have read the report on Cyprus weddings especially from the British. We intend to get married and invite over 50 people for the event in Cyprus. In the U.K. the event will cost us around €15.000 at least. Excluding the travel cost how much do you think it will cost us in Cyprus?
Evelina & Mark

A.: There is a special website (given) where you can get all sorts of information and options estimates. If you opt for the off season period (other than June-September) and if you are to choose the lovely family runned restaurants outside the tourist areas (see Ayia Anna village, St. Barbara village etc etc) the food cost will not exceed €25/person with wine and a Greek dancing show to go. All in all including travelling (within Cyprus) for your guests (colorful bus etc) it will cost around €30/person (less than a good quality fish and chips restaurant in the U.K.). Give your guests “something else” and a memorable experience dear friends.
I wish you all the best in your coming wedding and the best of luck.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Our street light across the road does not work. We have applied to the EAC but no reply. It is bothering us not only for security purposes, but also for the indifference dear Mr Loizou.
Xenia & George (Pafos)

A.: You should apply to the local Municipality dear friends whose responsibility is to make good. Write a letter and if no response for say 30 days (this is Cyprus) come back to me with the details.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We have sought the advice of a gardener who told us that we should place lemon trees and in between pine trees. We have paid €3.000 for this but yet our “pub friends” told us that this is a mistake.
Your opinion please since we do not want to end up with no fruit trees after 3 years of caring.
Marina Cox

A.: Your pub friends might have a point. Since pine trees grow with branches extending more than 3 meters in radius not allowing other trees to grow underneath.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I never thought that I would need your help after reading so many years your column in the Cyprus weekly.

Ok I will try to keep this short but I don t know if it is possible.

I am a Dutch woman married with Cypriot and we have 3 kids together, I am at the point to leave this island and go back to Holland. It seems to me there is no law and there are rules only for certain people.

For over 13 years I run a rental shop with my husband in Paphos we mainly do quad buggy and jeep safari tours to avoid to many accidents with the tourists.
We rent a small kiosk for nearly 13 years at a hotel in Kato Paphos in the parking area.
We always paid our rent and also the taxes to the Muncipality of Yeroskipos.
2 years ago the hotel was sold to somebody from India and he sold it to a big Israeli company we never met the owners but I try to contact with them without any success.

Since a couple of months they told us to leave from the kiosk, but this is our living we had a look for another venue but there was not the kiosk is old and the hotel never done any maintenance in all those years but the spot is excellent for what we doing.
The reason they want us to leave is that they gonna rebuild the parking.

I try many times to make a meeting with the manager but when I finally have a meeting and I come there it is rushed off because he has another meeting.

My husband had a talk with the architect and he told my husband that the kiosk is on the new plans and that they wait for permission to started.

So can you imaging you have a shop, you don t know if you can stay there or not you open because the season started you working at a building side and the most hurtful thing the hotel treat us like toilet paper we used you we don t need you and now you have to go.

What can we do any advise welcome we have been to 2 lawyers one in Paphos one in Limassol and they both told us that we don t have any rights so we be unemployed from one to the another day paying over 50.000 euro rent over the passed years and we cannot do anything.

We found a small little shop in Kato Paphos but the people there are not happy the restaurant put plants two meter high in front of the shop so nobody sees us, he is using the parking space for tables and umbrellas because he pay 4000 euro rent so the parking ins from him. we don t mind that but we mind the plants I contact with the Municipality but until now no success.

on the another side is a taxi office and he uses the road for parking his taxi is when I come to collect my daughter and my car is there a couple of minutes they are upset.

In the corner is car hire and motorbike rental he doesn’t want us to put any signs if we do he call the Municipality and the come so we remove it.

All in all a very difficult situation we didn’t want this shop but unfortunately there is nothing at the moment all shops are taken.

Now my question is what can we do if there is anything please tell us we even want to put money ourselves to fix the kiosk so it will look nice with the new parking, is there no protection for the normal people in Cyprus only when you know the right people and you have the money you can survive.

With all this problems going on our family developed many problems Ii will leave the details.
please help us.

kind regards

(name withheld)

A.: I appreciate your anxiety and distress. As your shop is part of a hotel I doubt that you have compensation rights under the Rent Control Acts.
I suggest that you look around along the Coral Bay road near the Mall. There are numerous vacant units to let. It has good visibility and some offer wide pavements to park you own cars.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Any official reaction on your encouragement of the seaside Municipalities to carry out beach “improvements” be it “illegal”?
Stelios Karas

A.: No, but I got a number of thank you calls from the Municipalities and the local residents.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: What it is very strange Mr Loizou is the rubbish bins that are placed on the beaches and along the motorways are very small always overflowing with rubbish. Can no one in Authority see it?
Mikis Fredform

A.: I could not agree with you more. For the first, the responsibility is the local authority and for the second the Ministry of Transport. I will be address a relevant letter to them, but the more letters being sent the speeder the solution/action.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We come for a country that we have “war” and the slightest noise is upsetting us especially the children. The other week we had a 4 day holiday yet the fireworks were daily scaring just about everybody in our group. I understand that it was a religious festivity with many celebrations going on.
S. Mitrof

A.: Yes it was the celebrations on Epiphany and yes it is customary over the years to have fireworks let alone fireworks for other occasions and including weddings/birthdays etc. So, make sure dear readers next time you decide to visit us, you check with your tour operator/hotel on the details – I hope that next time you visit us your country’s problem will be solved.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We are planning to send a sougla gadget to our children in the U.K. Τhey were so delighted by George’s cooking capabilities (my husband) that when we asked our children what they liked for Xmas their reply was “send us the sougla machine”.
The question is how much it cost for a full set including in addition to the battery operated sougla, the electric motor. Any idea on the cost of sending it?
Helen Huss

A.: This Cypriot gadget was not patented, duly copied by the Italians who now have the upper hand.
The full set for a three skewers (long) capable of taking on around 7 kilos (feeding ±12 people) plus the grill for sheftalia, halloumi, on charcoal, and vegetables etc cost around €80/each. DIYs are abundant and they prepared in duly boxed container.
Air freight will cost another €50-€100 depending on the size say in total €150. Not much to keep your children happy and impress their children and friends on the whole ceremony. What a lovely present I must say and you got off cheap.
This is the easy part dear friends then you must provide the recipe which sort of meat to cook (lamp), the time required (see the froth approach) etc. So, at the end dear friend George it seems he may have to pay a visit to!!
All the best dear readers.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I see this eagle/kites style which seem to be increasing in oder to scare away birds, especially the annoying wild pigeons. Is this effective, since we have a large problem both for their drippings and the mating calling which goes on all night.
Lenos Fiakas

A.: I appreciate your problem and in our Nicosia home we have placed spikes (cheap solution) but not fully effective. Then and in addition we used a spray (from DIY) which the birds do not like and we have avoided their drippings.
The eagle kite must be set on a long pole and it goes around depending on the wind (cost around €80). I am told it is effective as long as it has the capability to “fly” at some radius of approximately 50-100 mts. Then the question is do you have the space?
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Dear sir,
Trapped buyers could lose their homes. The Limassol and Paphos District Courts in Cyprus have both ruled that the trapped buyers’ law, which enabled those duped into buying property built on mortgaged land to get their Title Deeds, is unconstitutional.
Would buyers that HAVE attained deeds through the law stand to lose their deeds?

A.: Based on the Governmental announcement no you will not lose your deed once you had it transferred.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: The roof has leaked for a long time and the management company did not make it watertight, ignoring letter from engineer. I have had damage 3times to my ceiling, and the last bill I refused to pay and have deducted it from the common cost bill, I explained all this to the company last December but they have never got back to me. As I want to sell my apartment I wondered if they can stop the sale as they may say I owe common cost fees. Where do I stand in this situation? I consider their non action on roof repairs to be negligence. Thank you Shirley Spratley

A.: Presumably the buyer will require proof that previous common expenses have been paid. In this case you will have a problem with the buyer but the sale cannot be stopped by the Management Committee. It is a tricky situation regarding the roof insulation. All sorts of people and including traders placing a/c, TV aerials etc pierce the roof insulation, so who is responsible? In theory at least, you should pay the common expenses and take legal action against the administrative committee (not worth the cost and the trouble – always depending on the amount). An advocate’s letter towards the committee should do it in most occasions dear reader.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I have been searching to rent a house but I have pets and no one seems to be interested to lease their property. Is this normal in Cyprus?
George Kounnif

A.: Yes, but it depends on what sort and how many pets you have dear George. Personally I have let a flat were the tenant had 2 cats. Not only the furniture was scratched, but also a mat full of hairs was duly placed in the cloth washer destroying the machine. End result €400 damage. This is one of the reasons.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: The noise from disco music etc is everywhere I am afraid. Is there no law about this? How can we enjoy our holidays with such a nuisance?
Nelli Goldman

A.: I would agree with you and it is evident during the summer period and for the holiday spots. There is indeed a law in place, which, as I understand, places a limit up to 1.00 am. But then during holidays it is very difficult to enforce it. Yes, there is a problem I am afraid and I cannot offer an advice, other than report the matter to the Police (if they bother to respond mind you!!!).
A.P. Loizou

Q.: Dog beaches Mr Loizou? What is this, do we have to bathe with dogs etc and including putting up with their “drippings”? Tthere are so many isolated beaches that those who own animals can go. We even had the experience a few years ago to swim next to a horse!!
George Stavrou

A.: This is a requirement by the E.U. I am afraid. If these beaches are properly runned and maintained, in theory at least, should not produce a problem, but, then, this is Cyprus. Personally I have 2 German shepherd dogs whom I do not take to the beach for this reason. The horse event is a unique one I must say. In the past we had folks of goats and sheep as well. We are improving!!
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I read your article in the Greek press regarding the common expenses “curse” as you say. Do you think that the new Minister of Interior will listen this time?
Natas Georgiou

A.: I doubt it, but no harm in trying and I will keep trying dear reader.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: You must be aware of the terrible fire in London and the number of deaths. I wonder do our new 30 floor buildings have the fire protection requirements?
Abraham Lind

A.: There is a lot of discussion going on at this point of time as a result of this and other events. We will have to wait the results it is indeed a problem since everybody thinks that it will happen to others and not themselves. A terrible experience. The new fire regulations are under discussion at present.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I want to report this Mr Loizou since it might be of interest to your readers.
We were at our excursion in the wood and the car broke down. We called “X” car care who is supposed to towe the car to a garage. We were informed that the rescue car will be there in 25 minutes. Sure, it came be it in 40 minutes, the car was towed and the man asked us for €80 since, he said, it was out of his way. We paid him but then is this correct? We think that it is a scam.
George Lanbashis

A.: Not correct. You should report this to your car care Co and ask for your €80 back. I am sure you have no receipt for this, but if your car care Co is correct it should respond correctly.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We had an accident with our project’s private road and we claim the damage from our car insurance Co. Their response was that the cover refers only accidents on public roads and not to private ones. We could not believe it.
G & H Andreou

A.: Having spoken to our own insurance Co it appears that your insurer is correct. On another note, if your car does not work and it is in your garage and you ask the rescue people to collect maybe they will not. So, in our occasion (and I am embarrassed to mention it) I pushed the car out of the drive to the public road. Then it was okay!!
A.P. Loizou

Q.: We were having a party and we have music in place, may be quite loud but no complains. Then we received a letter from an organization about music rights demanding a fee. What is this? Do you know anything about it?
(name withheld)

A.: Music, if it is used not for your own use, but for public events (e.g. a wedding) they may have a point.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Just went through the Q&A questions section and did not find case similar to ours problem.
We are a couple renting property in a small complex and we have our main allocated parking space and also a public driveway to our backdoor. We've been told by Management Company that we should have access to this public driveway, for example to load/unload things or whatever we need.
However, our neighbour (man) who is also an owner of the townhouse in our complex, constantly preventing and harassing us verbally, saying that:
1. - This driveway should be used for emergency only
2. - I don’t want you to be parked there
3. - I want silence and don’t want anyone to drive through this driveway
- You are Tenants only and you have no rights here (though he is not our Landlord)
One day when I made attempt to make a video of what my neighbour is telling me so that to protect myself in future, he promptly snatched my iPhone from my hands and made attempt to bring my iPhone into his house. When I tried to get my phone back from him, he punched me in the face and continued fighting with me (I'm a woman). I was lucky to get my phone back and get a chance to visit a hospital and report beatings and any possible injuries and then claim a report in police.
Because the neighbour's still thinking that he is right, I can expect from now any sort of behaviour from him anytime (as he is unpredictable and he caused already a physical violence). So what other steps should I take to protect myself and my family and what other organisations can I contact so that to be safe?
Many thanks in advance!


A.: In order to express an opinion on the rights that you have for the driveway, I will need to see the title. Perhaps your landlord could help out on this. The fact that you are a tenant has nothing to do with the property’s (yours) rights.
Physical violence for such a sort of thing is shocking and I agree that you have reported the man to the Police. I also suggest you use the services of an advocate to write a warning letter to this bully. I am not aware of any appropriate organisation to whom you can apply and I think that a Police warning also will do wonders.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We have been staying at an Ayia Napa hotel and we became befriended by a German couple. We had a good time together. The hotel was very good and on this subject we have no complain. Yet our German friends told us that notwithstanding the fact that they visit the same hotel over the last 8 years, they will not come back again because of the Russian tourists (name of the hotel given). The reason Mr Loizou?
George Erodotou

A.: It is a fact that German and some other European nationalities do not like the Russians, more on their nationality as opposed to their behavior. I find that Russian tourists are family oriented with young children well behaved and far from their boozing name. It seems dear George that the second world war is not over yet and old experiences and keeping the cold confrontation on this is what happening. You do remember the young British tourists a couple of years ago at Ayia Napa who caused the village/island a lot of troubles even with fights amongst gangs from the U.K. and the new behavior of British tourists on false accusations for food poisoning etc. (the latter is a serious problem to the extent that Spain is now considering to ban such tourists and now the C.T.O. is having consultations on the same subject). Russian tourists spend approximately 20% more of the ordinary tourists, whereas a good percentage say around 15%-20% venture in the more expensive restaurants out of the tourist areas. Average age 25-40 years old and average age of children 1-10.
The hotel you mention I have visited last week and there was an Italian night with a couple of Italian singers – lovely – yes many Russians mind you but I made more noise myself in trying to follow up the singers that the rest of the attendants!!
A.P. Loizou

Q.: What a heat wave Mr Loizou 40 degrees (plus) we never expected it and it is most uncomfortable for us coming from northern Europe.
G. Golften

A.: An out of the ordinary situation dear reader. A number of tourists do not visit Cyprus because of this during the peak heat season July-August. Bear in mind that when on the beach/sea use a cloth hut (around €5.0) so that you do not get sun stroke with special attention to children, which nice as it may be playing in the sun, hire an umbrella whereas sun-tuning should be adopted with care.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I have run out of a certain medicine that I need twice daily. We asked if there are an open pharmacy (weekend) and we were told that there are closed over the weekends. Is this Cyprus Mr Loizou, as you often say?
G. Fakal

A.: No dear friend you were informed incorrectly. There are a number of pharmacies open all hours and during the nights and weekend. Use your Google and find out where the operational pharmacies are at any given time. If you stay at a hotel the reception could help out.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: I was shocked to read that the House approved a Bill which more or less allows the catching of migrating birds. Do you agree with this?
A. Efthymiou

A.: Not at all. It is shocking but then with our standards of MPs (for which I expressed my disappointment on several occasions) what do you expect.
This is big business however dear reader and the small migrating birds are the victims of this big and profitable business. If you care to read the reasoning of the change of the legislation and the details, you will be even more shocked I am afraid.

Migrating birds with little effort sell at €5.0/each (and a souglakia pitta the same). You do appreciate the huge profit since the birds are free – terrible.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Dear Mr Loizou,

If you could help me with the following:

I'm interested in legal proceeding against residence of polikatikia in case of not payment the common expense (should the amount be substantial).
I'm one of two members on the committee board for 9 flat building in Lycavitos areas.
We are managing building by ourselves and Im a treasurer there.

From time to time there are issues of late payments and I would like to, say, finish it.

The questions are the following:

1) is it realistic for the committee to sue the owner who does not comply with payments?
2) is the committee should be legally established (registered in Ktimatologio) before it can proceed with legal proceeding against resident, how to check it?
3) say, just one resident does not comply, should the committee obtain consent of the other (8) to start legal proceedings or it can proceed on its own discretion?
4) how long the court proceeding might take?
5) how much the procedure could cost?
6) as I understand before starting legal proceeding the notice letters from lawyer could be sent, say, 3 notice letters, how much could it cost to send the letter?
7) does your company have in-house lawyers who can deal with the above?


A.:I note what you say in your letter and I respond as follows:

• Yes, you can sue as the administrative committer those who do not pay.
• No need to have the Committee so registered with the Lands Office as such. You will need to have a general meeting of all owners and take a decision (51% is ok). First to appoint a committee and there on take the legal action.
• Once you have a decision to take legal action by the general meeting you can proceed even against one. No need to take the approval of all and the Administrative Committee can take action and to whoever person is liable.
• Difficult to say on the court action/decision but estimate around 1½-2 years.
• Legal costs could amount to around €1.500-€2.000 depending on the number of law suits involved.
• Using the services of a lawyer he will know how to proceed. I expect that a single letter of warning will cost around €70-€100/each.
• No we do not have an internal lawyer I am afraid.
I hope I am of some help.

A.P. Loizou


Q.: We visited a restaurant at a village outside Limassol. We had a very good, plentiful meat be it on the expensive side. At the end, the waiter asked us if we liked a “kerastiko” (a treat on the house). We said “no thank you” since we thought that it would be added on the bill. Our friends told us “on the house/kerastiko” means without charge. Is this the norm Mr Loizou?
Kellan & Mary Graft

A.: Yes, be it not in all places. At Ayia Napa restaurant we visited last week the “kerastiko” was a very good quality ice-cream. In another place at Pissouri it was zivania shots etc etc. If you visit Crete, whether you ask for it or not you get at the end their own type of snaps etc. A good gesture on behalf of the restaurant I must say (be it that it is charged in any case in the overall bill).
A.P. Loizou


Q.: With the gas drill going on and the built up of the various war ships around Cyprus, don’t you think that this will affect tourism and again real estate sales mainly to foreigners for visas etc?
Constantine Habob

A.: So far there is not a big issue in the international media. It seems that these big gas/oil Cos have their Governments behind them, as well as others who want to keep the piece as is. In my own opinion and without going into politics as such since we the G.C. and T.C. have agreed to share whatever income comes of the finds (if any) is to rush and set up the common fund to be shared (I understand that the previous Government has agreed a split up of 70% (G.C.) and 30% (T.C.) even prior to a solution once the board of the fund is set up (having say a Norwegian chairman we decided to adopt their model) there should be no problem.
A.P. Loizou

What is this clefkico food Mr Loizou?
Nic Hamston

A.: It is a treat dear Nic unique for Cyprus. You must have seen the clay ovens for sale everywhere and for the ordinary family size they cost around €250. It is an oven made of firebricks or clay with clay cover and a sealed steel door. You place in the oven firewood which you keep it alive for 2-3 hours and then you place old age goat meat (ask your butcher) which you keep it there for about 3-4 hours (it needs a couple of times training mind you). In the tray of the meat you place potatoes. The meat melts (must be old with fat so that it can take the heat for hours) whereas the potatoes with the fat that melts become most tasty.
I am giving you a very-very short version but the result is there.
I have invited a Romanian business person to our house and I have proudly produce the dish. Initially he was not impressed, but then the taste came and he was “over the moon”. Things I do to promote the Office is on another level but I never would have thought that food would be one of the ways.
A.P. Loizou

Q.: VAT on building land has been postponed for September (2017). Numerous agents advice that “buy now” in order to save the VAT.
Shall we follow their advice?
Costas & Helen Hercules

A.: I don’t know whether VAT will be 19% or 5%, but, yes if you have in mind to buy a building plot in the immediate future, do it now.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Hello
At 66 I decided to spend the next 5 years in Cyprus. I rented a lovely villa signed the contract and sent deposit and advanced rent to the agents. The contract started 1st July 2017. Rented out my house, got dog vaccinated etc, shipped my car to Cyprus booked tickets for 10th July only to get an email on 3rd July to say my villa had been rented to someone else. I'm amazed this kind of practise can exist. My life is ruined. I have all sorts of problems now and it's cost me about £3000 already. I still have to pay to have my car shipped back to U.K. You should issue warnings.
Lynne Rigby

A.: This is terrible. If I was you I would have waited for the contract to be signed. Nevertheless, you have a legal point against the agent/landlord should you care to explore this route.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Hi Mr Loizou
I hope you can help me
We have bought a house on a sloping piece of ground that has sea views
There is a property in front of us, that carries on sloping down the hill.
I would like to know, where do the Cyprus property laws say that you must measure the height of a building from?

For example, can the land in front of us, build their house from the top level of their property (in other words the height of their building will ruin our sea view).
Or is there some standard measure that the properties height is measured from (e.g. in the centre of the property)

I really appreciate your help on this

Peter van Rijn

A.: I attach for your reference a relevant document which shows where the height is measured from. In case of sloping ground you measure the height from the mean slope up to the flat roof. Pitched roof in addition.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: We visited at Pissouri village Mr Loizou a local well known restaurant. The waiter suggested that we buy halloumi from a local producer in a plastic jar for around €30. There are around 12 pieces in it. We tasted it and I must admit there is no comparison with the halloumi we buy from supermarkets. Supreme quality, never tasted such a halloumi during our 15 years of stay in Cyprus.
The question is do these family runned business have the health requirements to produce the product?
Nina & George Harris

A.: Yes, since if not they will have a problem. Check if the jar has a name and address so that it means that they have the necessary licenses (not 100% secured but this is the best I can come up with).
I have visited this producer and it seems that it has the Hassap requirements – clean stainless steel fixtures etc an establishment with 80 sq.mts. in extent behind the producer’s house. A client of ours brought us a halloumi gift from Athienou village – Lovely no name and brand, but at the end of the day the taste was excellent (notwithstanding that I appreciate your point).
Halloumi for breakfast, being in the holiday mood, I suggest three slices of good goat halloumi fried in a pan on either side lightly. Place on top an egg. A memorable experience (I have reported in this column how halloumi in pitta and tomato can become an innovative ordevre (on charcoal).
A.P. Loizou


Q.: No w.cs. in public beaches at Protaras, yet they were there before.
Stelios Steliou

A.: I think it was a mess up on behalf of the Municipality. The old w.cs. have been replaced with new ones but not connected as yet!!
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Turkey’s tourists are coming back as well as in Tunisia and the international reports by the tourist Cos, by projection, sent a warning that Cyprus will not continue its boom tourist trade for the near future. What do you think Mr Loizou?
Lenos Starbucks

A.: Yes it is a fact as they say “tourists are like sparrows with any noise they quickly go away but as quickly they come back”.
The drop in tourist demand over the years (up to 2015/2016) must have brought back our senses, after the major failing of Cyprus, as a result mainly of the Cyprus airways, not allowing free skies. I hope that the boom years of the last 2 years new tourist destinations came to know Cyprus such as Germany/the ignored U.K. market and others. I hope that there will be time to focus in the expected drop in demand, in hope that the various infrastructural works that are going on at present will upgrade the tourist product increasing Cyprus competition. A lot of events and happenings are in process and the C.T.O. seems to be slightly awaken by the recent developments. The competition from the Turkish occupied area is also a point which must be addressed as the Cyprus political situation remains unsolved.
What I am concerned is the fact that some Europeans do not like tourists from Russia and this must be addressed to an extent. We have the impression that the second world war is not yet over by the European countries. We have a very good vibrant Russian community which is most welcomed, but then we read reports that we, as Cyprus, are being taken over by Russians. Russian banks, Russian press and tv, Russian churches, Russian shops and so on, whereas a recent report for a Russian Co to build a structure at Ayia Napa harbor is not helpful. Care is needed to welcome and accommodate the Russians and other ex iron countries, but the recent announcement by some Russian people that they will set up a political party is not helpful.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: I have noted your correspondence as this has been published in the Cyprus Weekly regarding a reader who has a problem in getting a subsidy for the energy saving scheme from the Government.
Based on the correspondence it seems that the problem has been resolved within 10 days from your intervention. So that I know should I have similar problems regarding real estate matters, what is the charge for getting you involved?
Michaella (X)

A.: Nothing dear reader. Cyprus Weekly and myself have a “mission” to help our readers for matters that are of a general interest and where we feel that unreasonableness and bureaucracy is involved.
A.P. Loizou
Q.: We have a house at the Paralimni region and we will be using our existing parking to convert it into a room (duly allowed under the new relaxation regarding the 20% or 60 sq.mts. extension). The Planning Authority although agreeing with our plans, indicated that we will need a parking place for the house and notwithstanding the fact that our plot can accommodate several cars, they refuse our application because the parking (one car) which we will have as an open air one, falls within the seashore protection zone, notwithstanding that we are more than 200 sq.mts. away from the seashore. Is there a way you can help us?
Harry & Nicole Just

A.: This is one of the most unreasonable regulations that we have. Public parking can be accommodated within the seashore zone, but not one parking for a private house. Please submit your details to me and I will take it up with the Town Planning Director. A relaxation should be claimed and keeping our finger crossed, I am confident that you can get it.
A.P. Loizou
Q.: I have read in your website (under press) regarding a reader who has sea view and now the house will be blocked since the building in front is allowed to build another floor. We have a similar case and we intend to build a 3rd floor. It is a flat ground with 2 floors allowed, so our rear neighbors cannot see the sea views even now. If we are allowed to build another floor it will not make a difference. Is there a way to object you think Mr Loizou?
Marios & Lenia Kangas

A.: This is not a straightforward question. It will depend on the circumstances. In “our” sales contracts we do not allow garden trees more than 1.5 mts in height. If you do not have this restriction and say you decide to plant cypress trees which can grow more than 2 floors, there is no view anyway. Not an easy question but you may have a point to discuss your case based on the circumstances as I said before.
A.P. Loizou


Dear Mr. Loizou,
I noticed this year the Limassol beaches are getting worse for bathers. We were here 20 years ago and the beach was lovely and sandy. You could walk into the sea on a bed of sand.
Now, there are big pebbles and stones at least 10 metres into the sea from the water’s edge and they are really slippery, with silt on them.
I can only surmise that the water sports brigade removed the earth and stones at the back of the beach to make way for themselves.
Yours sincerely,
C. Dover
PS. If you want a good beach to go to, go to Bournemouth in the UK, 6 miles of sandy beaches (not interfered with). Limassol Municipality could learn a lesson or two.

A.: Many thanks for your email. Indeed there is a problem that is why the Government is constructing break waters along the seashore (in hope that sand will return – see Larnaca example where the seaside beach has expanded by more than 40 mts over the years). Regarding Bournemouth dear reader I will bear it in mind. Many thanks.
A.P. Loizou


Q.: Dear Mr Loizou
Can I ask you for your advice/opinion?
The property we bought in 2005 was at the time on a dirt track that joined the main road some 30-40m down from the property to a public road. Before the approved road surface was laid it became very obvious that the junction was dangerous as it was on the inside of a bend and was blind in both directions. The Police and the Ministry – Road transport/safety dept. agreed and the road was stopped short of the actual junction.
Effectively we were now in a ‘cul-de-sac’ but we had an approved tarmac road that ran to within about 30m of the same main road but on a straight stretch some 400-500m further south. The police/ministry told us to use this exit point as it was safe. We have used it as access to our property for over 10 years with no problems, as the only permanent residents. The last 50m is still not a made-up road but the last 15m of that has been concreted at the junction point to the public road.
About six months ago the Mukhtar blocked the access point with a huge pile of dirt and rocks. He says he was instructed to do so by the District Office. The alternative access to our property is now a 3km detour and requires a 180 degree turn off the main road some 800m north from the blocked access. A very dangerous turn requiring any turning vehicle to cross into oncoming traffic. The route is then on a minor road, some of it ‘half’ a road with no street lighting. We then have to traverse a 200m boulder strewn track which is on a steep slope entailing two 90 degree bends. In heavy rain it becomes a raging river and is impassable to all but 4WD vehicles. It is also primarily backfill on a sloping hillside which has land-slipped in the past.
Access for any emergency vehicles, especially an ambulance, would be impossible by this route and our property is now isolated as, without a 4WD, the route is very difficult. I have tackled many govt. departments from the District Office, the Police Road Safety Dept and the Ministry of transport ........ but none of them have the slightest interest in our problem.
I believe this action of blocking an established and safe access onto our nearest public road to be a breach of my right under Cyprus Law (CAP224?) as a Cyprus property owner to have reasonable access to my home by the shortest and safest route. I also believe that the blocking of this original access point is ‘reckless endangerment’ as the dangers have been pointed out to the Mukhtar many times. My wife also has medical (Spinal and previous brain haemorrhages (x3)) conditions and the rough track is not conducive to her health.
What should I do now and what are my rights under Law?
My thanks.
Alan Wall

A.: In order to try and help you I will need a site plan showing your registered access and a “file number” of your application. I might take the matter up with the Ministry should I consider that you have a case.
A.P. Loizou

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