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Antonis Loizou & Associates is a company that always tries to be as updated as it can be in matters of properties and chartered surveying in Cyprus. Articles written are based on the knowledge of many years in the business. You can also have a look at our publications and important press releases.


First and third line beach properties and other matters


Hope for Big Real Estate Investment in Cyprus?

The Cyprus beach development-coastline is the only one which is reducing dear readers. If one is 50

The new Minister of the Interior has announced last week that he is introducing an “one stop shop” w



News & Exhibitions

Cyprus Property News: November 2017


Cyprus Property News: October 2017

Our monthly newsletter for November 2017

Cyprus property market • Cyprus & Global economy



Questions & Answers

April - August 2017 - Questions & Answers on Cyprus Property Issues


November 2016 - March 2017 - Questions & Answers on Cyprus Property Issues

Mr Loizou responds to Q&A on various questions

Mr Loizou responds to Q&A on various real estate m



Ελληνικά Αρθρα

Άδειες εξπρές για ανάπτυξη;


Η Μακαρίου (Λευκωσία) θα επανέλθει;

Ο νέος Υπουργός Εσωτερικών ανακοίνωσε κάποια μέτρα για την μείωση του χρόνου αναμονής έκδοσης άδειας

Η άνθηση και η καταστροφή του πλέον εμπορικού δρόμου της πρωτεύουσας (λεωφόρος Μακαρίου) είναι γνωστ



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