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Location / Description

Odysseus is a hill-top, self-contained residential project of 50 detached bungalows and villas in Pissouri Cyprus. All units are with private parking, garden and pool, stunning undisrupted views.

Why Odysseus

The site has characteristics that are very similar to the island of Ithaka, the Kingdom of Pheakon, which was ruled by King Odysseus, hero of the Trojan War. Although the site itself is not an island as Ithaka is, its characteristics and topography are most similar, as it provides an island with the Pissouri valley. The project offers excellent views towards the Mediterranean Sea, and it can be described as 'everybody's Ithaka', based on a personal interpretation.

Why Pissouri

Pissouri village is perhaps the only seaside village in Cyprus which has retained its original architecture and environment. The village itself stands on a hilltop with a sea level difference of 250 metres and for the most part is built using solid stone walls. The village centre has been preserved with Governmental assistance and a village square which is surrounded be small family run restaurants and cafes, is extremely popular among both locals and foreign visitors. The village income is mainly from agriculture (vineyards) and the local vineyards set in the valley (next to the project) are considered to be some of the best on the island. The village has extensive forestland which provides miles for walking in a most pleasant and enjoyable environment.

The village, in addition to the family run businesses in the village itself, provides shops/entertainment/restaurants situated within the bay, and at a distance of 500 metres west of the project, there is the well-known Columbia Beach Resort Hotel (4 and 5 stars), which offers the possibility of residents using its sports, health and other facilities, including tennis, conference rooms, restaurants, etc. The project has entered into an agreement with the hotel management to accept (subject to approval) membership of the project's residents to use the hotel's facilities (subject to payment).

Golf Course - The project is located approximately 10 km away from the international golf course (18 holes) Secret Valley and its nearby Aphrodite Golf Course (international standard 18 holes) which is now under development (operational in the year 2004). Within the Aphrodite project (10 km away), a new InterContinental Hotel is also under construction (completion 2004). In addition, the Tsada GolfCourse (18 holes) is located 10 km away.

Aphrodite's Birthplace- The world-known birthplace of Aphrodite (goddess of beauty) is located approximately 8 km away from the project.

Sports -Sea sports are available on the beach, as well as the hotel's sports facilities, while the walkways and agricultural roads are available for those who want to walk within nature.

Project Details

  • The environment - Based on the environmental study (approved by the Government) the project will offer much more than an ordinary development does.
  • Economy - A tertiary sewage treatment plant (belonging to the project) will serve the project, and the cleaned water will be used to water the public/common gardens.
  • The building density - Out of the site's 'total area of 40.266 sq.m., 4.400 sq.m. have been earmarked for common and public gardens. Approximately 20% only of the site area is covered with buildings, leaving large open spaces for gardens, and allowing at the same time maximum views.
  • The architecture - The construction of the project is based on Greek island architecture which fits the site and the local environment perfectly. There are two-bedroom, single-storey villas, as well as a combination of both, such as bungalows with a studio on the first floor. The design is not monotonous, and in addition to the housing variations, the units will have flat, domed, or pitched rood, and other architectural elements (including exposed internally timber roods etc.) which provide a pleasant variety in terms of architectural/building appearance.
  • Privacy - Each house has its own private garden, parking, swimming pool and other facilities (see plans) which, all together, add up to a quiet environment within a project that offers maximum privacy.
  • Security - The project makes provision for the construction of a guardhouse and the employment of a guard service (if the residents so choose), and approximately 62% of the project has private roads with controlled access (remote controlled entrance gate, etc.)
  • Public utilities - All public services are available to the site and will be placed underground to eliminate visual pollution.
  • Three planting - Provision has been made for trees to be plated along the roads, as well as within public and common green areas, etc. as designed by the international landscaping firm Pentago of Australia, as well as by local agriculturalists.
  • Lighting - Specially imported street lampposts will add to the project's attraction.

The Enviroment

The site has been characterized by the Governmental Authorities as being one of 'unique natural beauty'. Along its western boundary it features a steep slope with protruding rocks, within its centre a hill with a sharp level difference in relation to the remaining area, and a small cave.

South Eastern View from the projectís site - Pissouri Bay

The development company has approached this development with the greatest care in order not only to protect the natural environment of beauty, but also to enhance it. As such, the rocks will be suitably protected and lit at night, the central hill will be suitably protected and lit at night, the central hill will be transformed into a 'natural' waterfall site (visible from the beach), while the cave will be converted into a museum for Byzantine icons in the form of a church. All these plans are designed for the enjoyment of the project's residents, as well as for their visitors. The waterfall and the other described plans are subject to the Government's final approval.

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